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Company Profile

Company Name TradStyle Co., Ltd. / Trad style
Representative Representative Director Daio Yoshiki
address 651-1221 7-20-10 Midoricho, Kita-ku, Kobe
Founding September 1, 1975
Establishment February 14, 2011
Capital 10 million yen

Registered trademark

Kimono "Eri Tadashi"


Jewelry "Velina"


Eri Masa Kobe store

Eri Sho Fukuyama store


Abbreviation In 1975, the previous generation founded a kimono store, focusing on foreign merchants, and expanded to 50 stores nationwide. After the collapse of the bubble, his father inherited two companies, Kobe and Fukuyama. Due to the characteristics of the long -term wedding tools, we continue to focus on maintenance of kimonos and pearls, and there are still many customers for 40 years.


Representative Biography

 family name Hiroo Yoshiki
date of birth December 18, 1981 (Sagittarius / Rooster year)
Birthplace Born in Osaka, raised in Kobe, pure blood Kyushu
Alma mater Koryo Junior High School → Takigawa High School (English Division) → Kwansei Gakuin University (Faculty of Law)
Extracurricular activities Baseball club (7 -year substitute)
Favorite things Oysters, curry, hot springs, cameras, fishing
I don't like
Pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, complaints, shade
dreams I want to travel around the world with my son backpacker
Right -handed inscription Wateness new / post -interest

Personal color analyst

Kimono after -sales diagnostic

Pearl Senior Advisor

Pearl C & E Master

Pearl & Maki Master

Jewelry coordinator

Jewelry Reli Model Counselor

Inheritance doctor